About Fine Iron LLC

Meet The Team


Tyson Nelson


My welding career started in my early teens out on the farm when my Grandpa Harold's eyesight was declining. His welding projects were always under the loose expectations of "It ain't gotta be pretty as long as it holds", or sometimes we'd even "put a nail in it" to fill a gap! We welded on rusty trailers, old farm gates, and small projects around the house with welding rod left over from the first iron mines in Cedar, or had been left out in the rain for a season. But the welds usually held! And if they didn't, we'd be loaded in that livestock stenched red GMC headed to try it again! He valued being a skilled welder as one of the highest honors someone could attain, and always remembered "the ol' boys" at the mine who could run the "purdy-est" beads in the toughest places. Even the Aboriginal guy who welded naked! but ask me about that another time lol.


Fast forward to my college years at Southern Utah University, I was pursuing a career to be a High School Biology Teacher, and earned a Bachelors Degree in Biology Education. During that time my beautiful wife Sarah and I met while on a double date with some friends, and we've been together ever since. Soon after we started dating I shipped out for Basic Combat Training but we remained close while apart and the following year we were married in the Payson Temple. Since that day we've been blessed to grow our family with Mac, Emma, and Colb!

While a Biology Teacher at Canyon View High School, I welded small gate and railing projects on the side to help provide for our growing family. In March 2020, COVID-19 sent all of the students home, and I began taking on more welding work. By the time August came around I had 2 employees, equipment, and a lineup of customers to serve, and decided to "go out on my own" as a startup welding business. 

Since the beginning I've strived to provide customers with "nothing to complain about" - meaning everything from the first phone call, to the final check, was of the highest quality I could possibly provide. These high standards for welded projects and customer service will always remain our top priority at Fine Iron! If you've made it this far, please browse our recent projects and we'll talk to you soon!


Office Manager

Jaeli Sorensen


I’ve worked for Fine Iron since April 2023 and it’s been an amazing opportunity. I knew nothing about the welding industry, but thankfully Tyson took me in and has taught me a ton. I’m still learning the ropes, but definitely have a better understanding now.I was born and raised in Cedar City, and haven’t yet found any reason to leave! I love it here & am so glad to call it home. I’m married to my best friend and have had so much fun building our life together.I’ve always worked in customer service and love everything that comes with it, I look forward to working with all of our current and future customers here at Fine Iron.

Lead Fabricator

Greg Barlow


I am the Lead Fabricator at Fine Iron. Welding is something I have always enjoyed and put passion into. It started about 20 years ago watching my dad weld at home. Since then I have had experience repairing heavy equipment, buckets, booms and various trailers, and now I’m working to perfect ornamental ironwork.

I live in Paragonah with my wife and 2 year old son. I enjoy building and improving things wherever I find myself. In my spare time I like to hike, shoot targets, do woodwork and spend time with my family.